Daredevil Rider Uses Motorcycle to Surf 3 Miles!

The last time we knew a man who could travel over water without a boat or a ship, it was some 2,000 years ago, and we called him Jesus, the son of God himself. However, the fact that we are mere mortals, hasn’t stopped some daredevils to try some absolutely insane stunts with their machines on water. Maybe, they took the phrase that “We’re all children of God” a little too seriously. This guy certainly did!

As he tried to ride a motorcycle over water for a whole of 3.6 miles!

Yeah, not a jetskii. But a motorcycle with wheels and everything. He attempted the stunt at Lake Como in Italy. Lake Como is the country’s third-largest lake, and one of Europe’s deepest lakes at some 400 meters deep. Set between some beautiful mountains, the lake spans an area of approximately 56 square miles!

The video of this man attempting this logic-defying recently went viral.

It’s just absolutely freaky to see this man ride over water, as if it was some road. He isn’t floating, but he’s actually racing his motorcycle at over 45mph! If you’re wondering how he was able to even start off without drowning, well that’s because he ‘did’ have some modifications on his bike.

The tires were fitted with special rubber blades, and there were nautical skates by the side. With the right balance and speed, it’s not theoretically impossible to ride over water without actually floating, but it’s an incredibly difficult task! Watch the video to find out if he was able to break the world record he was setting out to break!

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