Cop Pulls Over a Biker to Give Him a Fist Bump – Video Goes Viral

It is not a big secret that nobody likes to get pulled over by a cop, especially when they just did something dumb. Even if you just get talked to and told not to do it again, you are still more than likely to feel like an idiot because you got in that situation in the first place when you could have avoided it.

But that is not the situation in the video below. After we watched the video given below, we are left wondering why can’t all the officers that pull us over be as cool as this one in the video below. As the video begins, we accompany a rider who has just bought a brand new ride. In the excitement of the new bike, the rider is riding a little too fast for the liking of the cop.


As a result of speeding, the cop ends up pulling the rider to the side of the road. Astonishingly, the cop is not going to give him a ticket or even a lecture, as a matter of fact, the cop decides to let the rider off pretty easily and ends up giving him a fist bump!


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