Chains vs. Belts vs. Shafts. What’s better?

The basic design of motorcycles hasn’t changed in over a century. However, that’s not to say that manufacturers around the world haven’t taken leaps and bounds when it comes to the technology they’re using to make the two wheels run. Every few years, we see some revolutionary technology that redefines the ecstasy of riding like never before.

This is all the truer when it comes to sportbikes!

These “crotch rockets” and “liter-class racers”, like some like to call them, offer the cutting edge and Avant-garde in technology. The innovation that goes into making these bikes is just phenomenal. When motorcycles first came into being some 120 years ago, nearly all of them used a chain to drive the rear wheel from the powertrain.

However, things have changed now.

Although still, the most popular, chains are no longer the only way to transfer all that power from the engine to the rubber. You’ve got belts. And you’ve got shafts. All of us know how cumbersome chain maintenance can get for those who like to ride hard. So, why is it that we’re still stuck to this century-old technology? What are the cons of belts and shafts that are keeping manufacturers from going more mainstream on these technologies?

Or what are the pros of the good ol’ chain?

In this video by YouTuber CycleCruza, he takes a look at the three technologies. You really need to watch it and share with all your biker buddies. Also, don’t forget to leave your comments about it in the section below.

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