Brand New Behind The Scenes Photo Of The Mayans MC Released!

The Mayans MC is one of the most awaited shows of the year. And if you’re a biker, like we are, I’m sure the excitement is all the more. The show is a sequel to the best biker drama of all time, the Sons of Anarchy. Like SoA, this one too is being created by Kurt Sutter, a master storyteller, in the words of Nick Grad, FX’s Original Programming Co-President.

The show is supposed to be second in the Kutter’s vision of a four-show story.

The SoA is the first, and if Sutter has his way, there will be two more after the Mayans MC. It’s been almost a year since the news of such a show being brewed by Sutter and friends hit the streets. And ever since then, bikers and SoA fans have been waiting eagerly to know more about the show.

Sutter and his team keep posting updates about the show on social media.

Every other week, they come up with some insight of the show that just keeps us all hanging in there for it to air. While a specific date hasn’t yet been confirmed, the show is expected to go on air in September this year.

About a week ago, the show’s official Twitter handle showcased the first complete official teaser of the show.

It has a bunch of Mayans MC bikers riding down a highway amidst the deserts near California-Mexico border. Meanwhile, a Spanish version of “Paint it Black” by The Rolling Stones plays in the background!

And now they’ve posted a behind-the-scene snap!

This one has a bunch of the Mayans MC bikers all dressed, “gearing up for mayhem’! How excited are you about the show? Let us know in the comments section below.

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