Bosch Is Testing Space Thrusters For Motorcycles

Over the last ten years or so, motorcycle safety technology has come a long way. In today’s world, most of the bikes including the beginner’s bikes have antilock brakes as an option. There is an increasing amount of motorcycles that also offers multistage traction control. This goes on for so far that you can now even buy motorcycles that have built-in airbags that will help soften the crash if TC and ABS are unable to save you.

Well, now Bosch is looking to take things even further by looking to bring anti-slide technology to motorcycles. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? You riding down the road, leaning to make a turn and suddenly discover that someone left a bunch of sand on the apex of the turn and you are in for a nasty sliding crash.

But as soon as your tires start to wash out, you hear a loud hiss as the vents in your bike pressurized your bike to counteract the slide and helps to get your bike right up. You actually ride on feeling like an idiot and looking like a pro. They are actually testing it out, the technology used in spaceships will be in your bikes in some time. However, it does look like a onetime deal and might be quite expensive to install.

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