Bikers Take Crime Fighting into Their Own Hands

Isn’t it frustrating to read about cases of motorcycle theft every other day on some news site or the other? Isn’t it just worrying that motorcycle thefts continue to be on the rise, and law enforcement isn’t able to take an action as strong as we’d want? Well, for me, it is. And so was it for these bikers in the UK.


So, they came up with the most amazing solution.

London may be the city amazing, but not so much, when it comes to motorcycle thefts. For riders around the capital city, motorcycle theft is a serious issue. And sadly, law enforcement isn’t huge help in this regard. It’s not because the officers don’t care, but because they can’t.

The force is short-staffed.

And bikers needed to take it upon themselves to secure the things they love. A BBC documentary recently covered about these Samurais on bikes. These guys can be anywhere, any time. These guys can be riding Triumphs, they may be riding Hondas, or they may be riding Harleys. But, they are there!

Their mission is necessary as the police is “overstretched”.

One of the bikers associated with the groups says,

“We all have great respect for the police, but the resources that they have to combat motorcycle theft is zero to none.”

They patrol around neighborhoods and “theft hotspots”.

They make sure that the bikes are properly secured, and that the thrives can’t get to them! The law enforcement has warned them not to take laws into their own hands, and I’m sure they wouldn’t!

“We’re not vigilantes, we don’t think that we’re the law, we’re just here to stop motorcycle theft.”

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