Biker’s Ex Told Her That She Couldn’t “Handle” A Trip Around The World. And She Proved Him Wrong In The Best Possible Way!

It wasn’t a long time ago that Nicki Misurelli was in a relationship with a biker. Her boyfriend had planned a trip from Alaska to Argentina. Misurelli was a biker herself. So, obviously, he asked her boyfriend if she could come along. And her boyfriend was less than supportive of her. Guess, he should’ve been. At least, he’d probably still have such an absolute badass woman in his life.

Too bad for him, he doesn’t!

Misurelli’s boyfriend told her that it was a “guys only” trip and that it would be “too dangerous and intense” for her. He added,

“You probably couldn’t handle it.”

Little did he know, back then, what a badass he had at his hands. It wasn’t long after she broke up with him, and decided to tour the world on her own, on her motorcycle!

And she proved her boyfriend wrong in the most amazing way!

Not only did she ride through a lot more than what her boyfriend planned, she did it all by herself! She started with a 12,000-mile trip from Alaska to Panama. And then later, last month, she did a 5,500-mile trip covering Morocco, Slovenia, Austria, Portugal, Gibraltar, France, Spain, and Italy!

She says that a lot of people think that she’s really rich!

However, she isn’t! Other than her motorcycle and gear, she barely has anything, not even a house. She put in all her retirement money into her adventures, and ended up realizing,

“How little we actually need in life!”

To keep her wheels going, she works part-time during her trips. She carries as little stuff as possible, and puts up wherever she can. She once slept in a highway tunnel in Italy!

And the badassery isn’t just limited to this!

She doesn’t even plan an exact route. She leaves it open to random opportunities and spontaneous decisions! Speaking to The Telegraph, she said,

“Life and traveling is not always easy, but I have discovered that it makes me physically and mentally stronger and I learn more about myself and other people and cultures too.”

I think THIS is the type of feminism we need in the world. This is the kind of woman we need around to prove to male-chauvinist men that women are just as good as men are. And of course, biker ladies, are just awesome!

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