Biker Woman Who Almost Died After Getting Struck By Rope Breaks Her Silence

Several weeks ago, news of a motorcycle accident in Tucson, Arizona went viral. Linda Gonzalez was riding with her fiance on his motorcycle through Evergreen Avenue, when something unfathomable happened. Out of nowhere, she was struck by a rope, and her fiance crashed the motorcycle. The rope was strung from a mailbox by the side of the road on one end, and a tree on the other.


She suffered serious injuries because of this and was rushed to the hospital immediately.


Luckily, her fiance didn’t suffer much injuries and was released the same day. Linda is still in the hospital, but she’s been taking it all terrifically. Instead of cursing her luck or the people who put the rope there, she’s kept a very positive attitude. She says,


“You can survive and just make the best of every day. I don’t take for granted anything anymore.”


The crash almost took her life, but couldn’t take her spirit away.


Although she vividly remembers the entire accident, she says she doesn’t remember being pain. She was in shock, and couldn’t feel anything. It was the stuff after the accident that was all a blur for her. One moment she’s riding with her fiance and this accident happens. And the next thing she remembers is that she wakes up in a hospital bed with a bunch of tubes down her throat!


She hopes the culprits will be found soon.


“I want to let every one know to be kind to each other. Just be kind, it’s easy.”

“Somebody has got to know something and somebody’s got to have a conscience.”


Some of the people who knew her organized a poker run fundraiser for her on April 7th at the Wooden Nickel Tavern, near Aviation Parkway.



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