Biker Testifies He Was Speeding ‘in Excess of 150MPH’ Because He Thought He Was Under Attack By Bandidos

Most bikers have an inherent tendency to let go off the throttle “just a little” more than they should. Heck, of all the people, I must know. However, there are those of us, who let more than “just a little” and go all nuts! 53-year old Gintaras Kasakas is one such guy, from Ireland. Now, he did have a reason for this, but we aren’t really sure if we can buy it!


Well, somebody didn’t.


On a rainy July evening, Kasakas was riding his motorcycle on the motorway which links the cities of Ennis and Galway. Out of nowhere, a car started to pursue him. By the looks of it, it looked like an umarked Gardaí car. Garda Síochána, or as they’re commonly referred to as the Gardaí, is the country’s police force.


However, Kasakas didn’t stop. Instead, he sped up.


As the pursuit continued, the police officer, Ronan Higgins had to increase his speed up to 125mph! However, the biker, continued to evade. Apparently, as Kasakas sped around the cars on the motorway, he was “banking” his motorcycle. The biker apparently sped up even quite a bit more!


As Kasakas continued to go down the motorway at over 150mph, he was heading towards a “notorious blackspot”.


The upcoming blackspot which falls somewhere between Crusheen and Gort, coupled with the heavy rains made the pursuit just too dangerous. At this point, Higgins thought that it was best to abandon the chase. However, later, as Higgins passed the exit at Crusheen, he noticed Kasakas standing at the exit, beside his motorcycle.


When Higgins finally caught up to the biker, Kasakas had an interesting story to tell.


Kasakas apparently thought that the car following him was the “biker mafia” out to attack him. At the time of the pursuit, Kasakas was wearing his Kosa Bikers vest. He said that he thought it was members of the Bandidos MC members, who had recently setup base in the Limerick area, who were chasing him.


When Higgins was tried in a District Court for dangerous driving, his attorney had some interesting arguments.


Shiofra Hassett, argued that Kasakas had no reason to run from the police since all his documents and permits were in place. She also pointed to the Court that about the time of the incident, there were reports in the newspapers about the Bandidos MC, linking them to various criminal activities.



She further argued that there had been instances when Bandidos MC members stopped other bikers on motorways, and “de-robed” them of their vests. She also alleged that the Bandidos were sourcing blue lights from China and were posing as members of the Gardaí to “de-robe” bikers.


While this does seem plausible to me, the Judge didn’t buy it.

Judge Mitchell, presiding over the matter, said,

“It is an unusual defence but I didn’t find it credible.”

The judge took into account the biker’s speed and the water on the road due to the rains, and found Kasakas guilty of dangerous driving. The biker’s conviction had him pay a fine €350, or about $430, in addition to a two-year driving ban being imposed on him. What do you think about this? Do you think Kasakas actually thought he was running away from the Bandidos, or do you think it was just a lame cover-up he made to get out of running from a cop at some insane speeds?! Let us know in the comments section below.

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