James Anderson

  • Harley-Davidson Is Turning 115 This Year, And They Are Throwing A Huge Party! Here’s How You Can Join Too!

    Harley-Davidson, one of our favorite brands in the world, is turning 115 this year. The iconic motorcycle maker has been known to come up with something huge to celebrate its fifth-year anniversaries. Harley-Davidson and the entire community around it, whether it’s the dealers or the bikers themselves, are known to organize social events around the […] More

  • Survey Reveals Angriest Riders Are Riding This Brand

    Recently, a survey found out that motorcycle riders are generally a happier bunch of people than those who don’t ride. However, that isn’t to say that we bikers don’t have things that get on our nerves. There are no prizes for guessing that a lot of that is attributed to stupid drivers on the roads. […] More

  • Research Reveals Motorcycle Riders Actually Happier People.

    I’ve been saying since long. Every man (and woman), at least once in their life, needs to ride. A lot of people dismiss riding and never consider the thought of mounting the saddle, for they think that it’s too dangerous. Well, guess what? A lot of things you do in life are dangerous, but you […] More

  • Shocking Footage Shows Motorcyclist Attacking A Police Officer

    It’s quite often that we come across stories of cops assaulting bikers for no valid reason, and it enrages us to see that. Today, we have an equally enraging story, but one that’s completely the opposite of what we usually see. This one happened in the Bootle, Liverpool (UK), four days ago in the morning. […] More

  • Harley-Davidson Exploring New Avenues to Reach New Audience

    Harley-Davidson has been around for about 115 years now. The motorcycle maker has developed a cult reputation and is an American icon, here at home, as well as the world around. However, in these fast-changing times, Harley has been finding it hard to hold on to its grips. The millennials, the most important buyers of […] More

  • Motorcyclist Suffers Gunshot Wound During Crash

    We often hear about motorcycle crashes. Some of them are mundane, and some of them are not. However, this one’s one of the most bizarre of all that we’ve heard. It’s almost as if it’s right out of a Final Destination movie. 32-year old Brian Alexander was riding his 1984 Honda motorcycle along the W. […] More

  • Troopers Ask For Help Finding Stolen Harley

    Motorcycle theft is a heart-aching thing for any biker. It’s not just the loss of a vehicle, but a much more. For a biker, his motorcycle is like a member of his family. It’s much more than just a machine that takes him from one place to another. It’s a companion for the journey called […] More