6 Most Annoying Things For Bikers!

Bikers may generally be a cool bunch, but that isn’t to say that we don’t have our bunch of things that annoy the crap out of us. For all the fun riding is, there’s a bunch of stuff out there which can make the life on two wheels really miserable. Here’s a list down of six of the most annoying things that can blot all the fun and joy of riding!


1. Fog

Most people think that rain is the biggest enemy of a man on two wheels. Well, those are the people who don’t ride. The ones who ride know that the worst thing nature throws at us during our riding routine is fog. Although, for some riding through fog is like riding through the clouds, an experience of its own, for most it’s damn annoying, for you can’t see two cars ahead, let alone the five-car ahead rule most of us like to follow.


2. Oncoming Main Beam Headlights

So, what makes fog so bad is the pathetic visibility, the disability to see very little ahead. What’s worse than that? Complete blinding. That’s what we face when an nut has his high-beam on a road without a divider. The blinding from the lights lasts several seconds and isn’t just annoying but also frightening.


3. Oncoming overtaking cars

I believe there’s a special place in hell for the folks who like to overtake vehicles on two-lane roads by getting into the oncoming traffic’s lane around bends!


4. Double White Lines

How many times have you come across a granny in her estate doing 20mph on a country road? I’m sure quite a few times. Obviously, you can’t keep on following her for the next 20 miles. But that’s what these stupid things force us to!


5. Side-by-side Truck Overtakes

Most trailers that do interstate routes have a speed limiter. These limiters are in place for fuel economy. And since different trailers with different engines have different sweet spots for the best efficiency, some have a higher speed limit than the others. So, when one truck with a 56mph limit seeks to overtake another with a 54mph limit, it literally takes ages to do that. And all that while, we with our 150mph limiters have to wait for these snails to give us way!


6. Rear Tire Wire

Unlike cars, the rate of wears on the different tires of a motorcycle is different. And having a constant watch on which tire is giving away can get really annoying.

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