6 Biker Stereotype That Everybody Thinks Are True, But Aren’t!

Bikers are an esoteric bunch of people. A biker may not know the next person, may not even have met them before, but if they ride a motorcycle, there’s some bond of brotherhood between the two. This brotherhood exists for a number of reasons. And one of them is stereotypes against bikers. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you ride, the non-riding public is always going to have some set of opinions about you, just based on the fact that you ride. And we call out to each of then to understand the difference between facts and baseless stereotypes. Here are 6 biker stereotypes that really aren’t true!


1. The Leather Is To Look Cool!

Yeah, sure. We’re stupid enough to think that dawning a leather jacket in the scorching sun of a Summer afternoon will make us look cool! I know it looks great, cool, and everything. But, we wear it to protect ourselves from nasty road rashes if we ever crash. Looking cool is just a side-effect.


2. All bikers are stunt hooligans!

No, not all of stunt. Some of us can’t, some of us don’t want to. And all those who do stunt, not all of them are nuts enough to do it on public roads. Only a chosen few, are stupid enough to pull stunts on public roads. And it’s not fair to judge us all based on some bad apples!


3. All bikers are Motovloggers and have a YouTube channel

The kind of stuff we face every day is actually worth capturing and putting up on the internet. There’s a reason a lot of us do that! However, not every rider is up to just document their journeys on YouTube. And since when is it a bad thing to document one’s journeys?!


4. Bikers Hate Cars

No, we don’t hate cars. Contrary to popular belief, most of us actually have cars, and actually do drive those things around. Some of us love driving as much as we love riding. Yeah, but for most of us, the magic of riding a motorcycle if far beyond the mere pleasure of driving a car. And what we do hate, are inattentive arrogant cagers, who have no regard for our lives!


5. We’re all barbarians looking to rage on the road!

No, we aren’t. Very few bikers actually get into road rage. It’s more often than not someone in a car is likely to start a fight on the road. Of course, if you’re going to start it up, you can’t expect us to run off!


6. Every biker has a death wish!

No, we don’t. We love life just as much as you do. Probably more, for we have the joy of riding in our lives, a joy you haven’t experienced, a joy just can’t understand. Yes, riding is risky and can be dangerous. Why do we still ride? Simply because the sheer thrill and pleasure of riding far outweighs the risk of being out there on the two wheels!

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