19 Modified Motorcycles Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Most of us have modified our bikes and actually appreciate other riders who have done it properly. However, here we are not going to look at the nice ones today. Here we have collected some of the more confusing modifications that people have done to their bikes. Most of them are sure to make you ask yourself “why would someone do something like that?”!

Without further delay, here are the 19 modified motorcycles that will leave you scratching your head:


  1. What in the name of God even is this?

  1. Cleared for takeoff!

  1. Light it up!!

  1. Is this a bike or a car?

  1. Ape hangers!

  1. Crazy cool colors! Not!

  1. Too many pipes!

  1. Even louder pipes

  1. Watch out for that get back whips!

  1. LED circus

  1. For shellfish lovers

  1. Slow and low tempo

  1. Brakeless wonder

  1. Skeletor’s revenge

  1. Not nerdy at all!

  1. The tough guy is in the house

  1. One too many bikes

  1. Not a tricycle

  1. This does not look flimsy at all!


Let us know in the comments section if any of you would like to ride any of the bikes in the list above.

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