10 Commandments Ever Rider Must Live By!

Motorcycling is a cult. There’s a lot more to motorcycling than riding a motorcycle from one place to the other. Being a biker entails being a part of this amazing community I like to call the “brethren of bikers”. There are a lot of good things bikers do, and some bad ones we do. But, it is these good and bad things we do that make us who we are. If you’re ever not sure how you should lead your life as a rider, just follow these 10 holy commandments, and you’re sorted!

1. Thou Shalt Never Forget The Laws Of The Land

Despite what the world likes to make us, most bikers ‘are’ gentlemen on two wheels. And just like any gentlemen wouldn’t, don’t break any laws or offend the people of the land you’re traveling into.

2. Thou Shalt Never Leave Behind A Brother Biker

Bikers are a brethren, and must always stick together with each other. Ever see a brother stranded on the road, it’s your duty to stop and help him!

3. Thou Shalt Dress Up Your Motorcycle Like It’s Your New Wife

Motorcycles aren’t much less to bikers than the women in their life. Then, why not dress this second lady of your life like you dress the first one?!

4. Thou Shalt Be Forgiving To The Four-Wheeled Folk

Agreed, cagers can be stupid. It’s no surprise that when on the road, bikers are always the better men. They’re much more attentive, much more careful. And what’s the prime sign of the bigger man? Forgiveness.

5. Thou Shalt Give More And Take Less

Bikers more often than not are creatures with a giving spirit. Just like you are giving to your brother bikers on the road, be a giving spirit to the rest of the world. You’d be surprised to see how all the giving is going to come back to you as your own happiness!

6. Thou Shalt Love Your Machine

Does this even need a mention? You, of course, love your machine. That’s why you’re here in the first place. Just remember, motorcycles, like the women in your life, need soft love. Don’t be afraid to shower your love on your iron lady with good accessories and maintenance!

7. Thou Shalt Always Call Out Before Thou Pass

About 65% of bikers crash while changing lanes, turning, or passing vehicles. You may be completely in your right to do it, but that doesn’t mean the inattentive teenager in the car saw you. So make sure to honk and signal sufficiently before you take up any of these!

8. Thou Shall Not Lust Your Neighbor’s Machine

Just like you don’t lust over your neighbor’s wife, you don’t lust over your neighbor’s motorcycle!

9. Thou Shalt Always Respect The Old Ladies!

Motorcycles of the olden days may not have all the gadgetry and technology of your brand new 2018 model motorcycle, but that doesn’t mean they deserve any less respect. For, they are the ones who let you have the amazing technological marvel you ride today!

10. Thou Shalt Always Be A Rider At Heart!

Times will change, things will happen, and you wouldn’t get to ride as much as you once did. However, that doesn’t mean you ever let the rider in your heart die. That guy, stays forever, no matter what!

Which of these do you follow religiously? Would you like some additions in the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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