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  • ‘Mayans MC’ Drops New Behind-The-Scenes Photo, Could Charlie Hunnam Return As Jax Teller?

    The Mayans MC is one of the most awaited shows of the year for us bikers. It’s the spinoff the cult Sons of Anarchy, which is considered as the best biker drama ever to have aired on television. Kurt Sutter, the creator of SoA is involved heavily in the production of the Mayans MC. The […] More

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  • 6 Most Annoying Things For Bikers!

    Bikers may generally be a cool bunch, but that isn’t to say that we don’t have our bunch of things that annoy the crap out of us. For all the fun riding is, there’s a bunch of stuff out there which can make the life on two wheels really miserable. Here’s a list down of […] More

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  • Samsung’s “Smart Windshield” Concept Will Revolutionize Motorcycles

    Samsung has entered the game for an innovative approach to smart motorcycling which is quite similar to the concept of BMW’s smart helmet. Samsung has come up with a smart windshield concept. Now, if this will distract the rider rather than helping, is another topic but it is certainly more favorable than the smart helmet […] More

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  • Mythbusters: 5 Age-Old Motorcycle Myths Busted!

    Motorcycles have been around since over a century now. Motorcycles have been around to see the two world wars, the invention of most things that have become common devices for us today, and a whole lot of other things. Millions of people around the globe ride these things every day. And when something has been […] More

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  • 15 Supercool Motorcycle Helmets You Should Checkout!

    Motorcycle Helmets, in my opinion, are the most important piece of accessory/gear for any rider. After all, these things save a rider’s life in the event of a crash. Alas, not a lot of riders realize how important these things are. Some of them chose to skip on them altogether, while some others tend to […] More

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  • MiClimate: Wearable Air Conditioner For Motorcyclists!

    For all the fun that riding out there on the open road is, it has fare share of pitfalls. Perhaps, the worst of all, is weather. We’ve all been there, riding through some beautiful roads with beautiful scenery, but horrible weather. Whether it’s a chilly winter morning, or a scorching summer afternoon, sometimes it just […] More

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  • Hundreds Of Thousands Of Bikers Descend To The Streets Of Washington DC To Honour Our Heroes In The Uniform!

    The ‘Rolling Thunder’ is one of America’s biggest initiatives taken up to secure the rights of our men in the uniform. An advocacy group with 90 chapters across the country, they seek to bring accountability for members of our armed services which have either been taken as prisoners of war or went missing in action. […] More

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  • Here’s How to Become A Member Of B.A.C.A – Bikers Against Child Abuse!

    Thanks to a ton of movies and TV shows that depict bikers like a bunch of crooks, most of the people who don’t know bikers in real life seem to think we’re all a bunch of crooks. It’s not uncommon for people to consider anybody with a patch as a gang member. However, motorcycle gangs […] More

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